Recruitment a Game Changer:
Talent Acquisition, AKA recruitment, no doubt is the foundation for the success of any business. Of late, the significance and approach towards recruitment has seen an increase in terms of the technology and the methodology used.

Recruitment tools used in 2017:
While we speak of the year 2017, we witnessed an increasing usage of AI Technology, recruitment process outsourcing model, HRIS technology and social media platforms to hire the right candidate within the deadline. What was widely used in 2017 are as follows:

 AI Technology
 Remote work option
 Increased Hiring in terms of quality along with quantity
 Focus on improving the conversion rate
 Increased preference of social media marketing

Few trends may follow in 2018:
Recruitment was never into bad or good experience. Recruitment was always about a progressive learning experience. Having said so, 2017 witnessed a lot of changes in the recruitment front. Few of them worked well and few did not. Keeping in mind the revolutionary changes in 2017, we can clearly say that some of them will certainly work well and will be used in 2018 as well. While 2017 had given space for new technical approach, the same may get continued and you never know, a better version might also emerge.

Upcoming recruitment trends in 2018:

Candidate as Consumer:
Recruitment often was tagged with unfriendly treatment to the candidate’s owing to the slow and outdated process. However, the increased usage of recruitment chat bots has brought a positive change in the recruitment front. While this methodology will be used in 2018, candidates will be treated more like a consumer paving way to better and quicker updates. On the other side, the candidates too are getting accustomed to system generated communication as they are well aware that human interaction may not be possible at every stage

Quality and Quantity Given Importance:
Many organizations in 2017 witnessed higher turnover rate owing to the poor quality of sourcing. However, this problem was addressed well in advance and focus of hiring quality manpower had become a prerequisite. This also meant that the software will have a vital role to play in terms of matching the right skill set to the right requirement from a large pool of candidates.

Use of AI Technology Paving Way to Better Conversion Rates:
The usage of AI technology will further increase, letting the system to give accurate and better results from a recruiter point of view and a user-friendly and quick experience from a candidate’s space.

New Outlook Driven by Learning:
Training and developing the employees will automatically reduce the turnover rates and hence the need to spend on hiring an external source.

Apart from the above, we may also see the following evolve further in 2018:

 Gig economy Approach
 Diversity in hiring
 Remote working approach

While future is unpredictable, we keep our fingers crossed and see what diversion recruitment will take in 2018.


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