Digital marketing plays an imperative role in the growth and success of companies these days, irrespective of their sizes. The astounding growth of digital marketing has captured everyone’s attention for its effective implementation to achieve the goals. A strong and robust digital marketing strategy will not only help you to get more web traffic, but will also help you to establish your presence firmly in this steep competitive era. Thus, companies are investing a humongous amount in this trusted marketing trend.

Digital marketing witnesses change in strategies and outcomes every year. The approach that worked once may not yield the same result always. So, you need to revamp your efforts to keep pace with the changing need of the marketing and achieve success with your marketing campaigns.

Here are the top 5 tips that can help you catalyze your digital marketing campaign in the year 2018:

 Create personalized content: This year, you must keep your focus on your content. A well-drafted and impeccable content has enough capacity to draw the attention of the customers. You should try to create tailor-made content that can meet up your customer’s need when they are in the buying process. As per HubSpot, personalized content performs 42 percent better than non-personalized content. A personalized content can create a unique experience for the customer that matches their specific needs and preferences.

 Prudent use of social media channels: Social media has created enough buzz in the market and market leaders are spending most of their time on social media channels. Though Facebook is dominating among all the social media sites, you need to identify which networks are most important for your business. Accordingly, you need to put maximum effort on those mediums to create your fully fleshed presence. As per TEK system’s 2017 study, social media budgets are expected to hugely expand this year.

 Consider video marketing: Though your words can create a great impression on your customers, the impact of a single minute of video content is astonishing. Videos will continue to dominate in the coming years and they are certainly the future of digital marketing. According to Wyzowl, a well-known animated video company, 63 percent of businesses are using videos as their marketing tools. Though customers can forget your words, a visual content will stay for a long time in their mind. People often share videos with others and in this way, it will enhance your brand visibility and mileage. As per Simply Measured, a video is shared 1200 percent more than both links and texts combined.

 Go mobile-friendly: The smartphones have penetrated in every sphere of life and people are spending a good chunk of time on their smartphones. According to ComScore’s 2017 U.S. Cross-platform future in Focus report, 69 percent of digital media time is spent on mobile. If you have your own website, then make it responsive so that it can open from any device. By making a responsive site, you can reach to more customers and this will uplift your visibility and brand presence.

 Use big data: Every day a huge volume of data is churning out and every company needs to utilize this data wisely. If you are equipped with right data, then a professional digital marketer can understand the customer’s behaviour and expectations and how they can deliver the best results to the customers. Specially this year, when the trend of providing real-time responses to consumers is growing, it has become crucial to associate the data with the right tools. By analyzing data, you can make personalized digital marketing campaign which will enhance your customer-base and growth.

These are only a few tips on how you can be more effective in running a successful digital marketing campaign this year. However, a lot of thing will come mid-way asking you to rejuvenate your strategies and learn new things to be ahead of your competitors.