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The best way to describe Veative in simple terms would be to say that it is a product designed to make learning an unforgettable experience. Fundamentally, Veative is a product that enhances the traditional learning experience in classrooms through the use of customised Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Realities. Now, to put that in layman’s terms, it would be to say that Veative helps make learning a unique and memorable experience with the help of computer-generated scenarios that imitate real-life experiences. Basically, it is the use of a prop to project an artificial set-up that imitates the lifelike experience of images, sounds, sensations, etc.

Having said that, it is important to point out that using technology in education is a trend that is quickly gaining universal popularity and Veative, with simulations that are specifically tailored to the needs of learners of each level, is the perfect solution for students of today. In a world that is brimming with information, it is imperative that young minds do not feel too overwhelmed to effectively retain knowledge of mass proportions. Veative helps achieve just that: students can optimise their productivity if learning becomes an interactive, fun experience. In doing so, they are no longer passive in receiving education, they experience it. Veative is, unquestionably, a quality product that creates an environment conducive to learning.

In the age of shrinking attention spans and dwindling interest in the sciences, Veative helps elevate motivation levels of students by making academics, let’s face it, less boring.

Veative introduces concepts and theories to students on their own wavelength – with the use of clever, crisp and creative technological solutions. It is true that the process of learning, if enjoyed, makes things extremely easy to remember and Veative aims not just to revolutionize education technology, but also profoundly improve cognitive performances of students in schools by improving the classroom experience. Veative does not propose to replace the traditional classroom experience, but only to enhance it.



Veative uses Virtual Reality and digital innovation to improve students’ learning experience. It is basically an educational VR headset that students can use to improve their understanding of what is being taught in the classroom. Besides being a transformative educational tool, it is also unique in its affordability. Veative could help schools with state-of-the-art learning equipment as much as it could help the ones that are still struggling to update their technology. In investing in a product that makes for brilliant interactive experiential learning, it would be possible to bridge many gaps between the kind of exposure that students of many different socio-economic backgrounds get. Veative could help, in a way, uniformise education in schools.

The idea of a ‘futuristic’ learning experience is already a reality. Veative, with its three-dimensional approach to assimilation and understanding of concepts, has successfully transformed the world of didactics. This development in the classroom experience improves not just the work of students, but equally, the work of teachers. Veative helps create a more objective space of study and focuses primarily on evolving from abstract representation of concepts and ideas to delivering a more explicit, clear picture of what is at hand. With Veative, teachers can be better equipped to clarify students’ doubts and students themselves can have the opportunity to learn things by observing them up close. This kind of immersive learning not only makes academics easier to grasp but inspires students to be more curious.

Veative’s digitalisation of learning material is undoubtedly a very practical approach to teaching. Using a custom app as a mode of instruction is an up-and-coming approach used by more and more people in the field of academics and it is always recommended that quality education stay up-to-date. The ideal solution, therefore, would be Veative.

Other aspects of Veative that helps improve pedagogy of the Sciences include the fully integrated Virtual Reality headsets that can be controlled with classroom management apps, the alternate option of connecting the Veative Virtual Reality Controller to a Google Cardboard viewer for easy accessibility to the VR modules, the wireless router that syncs with the Teacher Tablet, and easy plug-and-play solutions for the modules.


BIOLOGY                        MATHEMATICS                       PHYSICS                 CHEMISTRY


One of the principal advantages of Veative is that it has a rapidly growing catalogue with modules under each of the subjects that it specialises in, namely, Biology, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. These modules are categorised based on students’ standard, level, and subject. Veative custom-makes these modules for the devices they will be accessed on and uses language that is domain-specific and easy to understand.

For instance, Veative could dedicate a module in Biology to the learning of Haemoglobin. In that case, the simulation would be specifically targeted at making the students understand exactly what Haemoglobin actually is, along with pictorial representations of the protein, of how it transports oxygen in the blood, of how its molecule comprises four subunits, each containing an iron atom bound to a haem group, etc. So, in projecting images and showing the students the actual workings of this concept, Veative valorises the whole virtual experience and makes it better than just drawing the molecule on a board and theorising the functions of its components.

Similar examples can be given with regard to Veative’s modules in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. A student would be able to better comprehend the properties of Quadrilaterals if a four-sided two-dimensional closed figure could be illustrated to show that the sum of all the interior angles is equal to 360 degrees. The concept of momentum as a product of mass and velocity would be easier understood by demonstrating with the help of virtual cars. An ion could be explained as a charged particle that could be lost or gained by an atom to attain a stable octet configuration with the help of animation.

All in all, Veative, with all its clarity and precision in making of modules, aims to progressively redefine the learning of sciences.





Veative designs modules of chapters covered under the ICSE, CBSE and International Baccalaureate (IB) Curriculum. These popular educational school boards are spread across the country and Veative has effectively succeeded in enhancing the learning experience for all students subscribed under these boards.

Veative’s ever-expanding catalogue is expected to have around 1500 modules by the end of 2018 – making the simulations more comprehensive by the day.

The ICSE, CBSE and IB boards are considered to be extremely reputable and quite challenging at the same time. Using a product like Veative that breaks the monotony of the classroom experience and, at the same time, ensures credibility with respect to the delivery of quality information, would always be beneficial to the growth of students. Motivation is key in learning, and what would be a better way to stimulate students’ thinking than with the use of leading-edge educational technology like Veative that puts students on par with their international counterparts.

Exposure to a more detailed and cleverly-outlined learning provides little room for doubts and incomplete understanding of lessons taught in class. Immersing the students in the topics that are at hand would be advantageous also because it would mean less revision is required later to recall what was already taught at school.



Education is a domain that is constantly evolving. Not being up-to-speed in such a domain is never an option because it compromises the quality of training and teaching that is being offered to students. Veative offers schools the opportunity to upgrade by offering an innovative way to enhance the whole learning experience at schools.

Veative is a great solution to keep up with the changing scenario of didactics in today’s world. Students are being encouraged to develop a more liberal attitude towards learning and teachers are emphasising the importance of interactive education. What Veative offers is the chance for students to be more autonomous in the acquisition of knowledge and helps teachers, on the other hand, to fulfil the role of a facilitator rather than that of a teacher. Such an approach is extremely student-centric and cultivates the spirit of individualism in the field of academics. Veative thus helps students to be more original and confident in the kind of thinking they do and also, to focus better independently on all the subjects that are important.

New learning methodologies cultivate better critical inquiry in students. Veative helps not just to improve critical inquiry, but also to sharpen cognitive skills and to increase memory. In a nutshell, it helps students to understand, relate, imagine, create, observe and remember better. Veative is therefore a step in the right direction for schools looking to help students benefit from the latest innovative digital learning solutions.




As has been mentioned before, Veative is unique in its affordability. In a world where investing in academics is considered to be tremendously promising, it would be safe to say that investing in a product like Veative to improve learning at schools would not disappoint on any level. Veative is tailored to meet students’ needs, is cleverly-designed, and is hence extremely practical. The introduction of a three-dimensional interactive space in classrooms is already a reality in this country and Veative is making it increasingly easy for all schools to get on board with this reality.

It is also true that not all schools are equally well-equipped with all the tools and technology that are traditionally required to make for a holistic learning experience; that is, computer labs, LED projectors, Science lab equipment, etc. Veative is a product that offers a comprehensive solution to all these requirements. With regard to a school that is already well-equipped, Veative could help improve upon the traditional learning experience and with regard to schools that are still on their way to being completely equipped, Veative would be an indispensable product to have.

Access to information about the product, its price, availability and ease of possession is readily available for those interested. It is easily accessible to all those who are in the field of education.



The quality of learning solutions delivered by Veative is testimony enough to prove the kind of potential that Veative has in effectively changing academics forever, and for the better. The exhaustive research and expertise that has gone into the making of the Mixed, Augmented and Virtual Reality simulations is what is at the crux of Veative’s success. This kind of immersive learning based on solid information and state-of-the-art technology is not only transformative because of its innovative approach, but also because it is conducive to a very important factor in educating a student: motivation.

Veative also helps students to retain information very easily. This is because the use of pictures, graphics, animations, illustrations, etc. to help students visualise the theory that is being taught in class allows them to understand and connect with the concept at an individual level. This kind of approach that focusses on making learning a more personal activity encourages students to grasp and retain the information easily.

Veative recognises that engaging students completely in the learning process is an uphill task in an era where students are found to be easily distracted. Providing them with an option to learn in a way that is familiar to them, that is, with the use of technology, permits them to participate in a virtual experience and associate the very act of knowledge acquisition with something a lot more fun than what they are traditionally used to. In doing so, students enjoy learning new things and Veative propagates just this kind of attitude when it comes to academics.

With a growing interactive library customisable to multiple languages and more than 450 apps to its credit, Veative hopes to continue to serve the purpose of education in a modern, more original way. With curriculum that is specific to the subjects taught under the ICSE, CBSE and IB boards, interactive virtual reality models, cleverly built simulations, and Teacher Control Apps, Veative is revolutionary education technology that has already arrived.












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