Campus Hiring Solutions

“Get the best-in-class talent selection with Sattwa Global!”

Sattwa Global is committed to fulfil the ever-growing campus hiring needs of corporate and digital India with unmatched efficiency and scalability. With a flexible delivery model, we offer services specific to your business objectives and organizational style while letting you have the degree of control you want to keep your business agile.

Having the right choice of resources for your organization should not be limited to a given geography. There are talents all around, but most of the HR professionals find it difficult to approach, test, and select the right people in a quick turnaround time. Not only this, walk-in drives and job fairs do not offer ample opportunity to discover every aspect of a candidate. Also, spending too much time verifying the candidate’s past experiences gets difficult with a list of other targets to achieve. Here comes the custom-made campus hiring solutions from Sattwa Global that gets everything done for you saving your time and cost

Benefits to the Colleges:
   Build trust and faith among students and parents
   Huge market recognition and identity as professionally managed organization
   Develop campus-corporate relations
   Attract more students and build base for future alumni
   Value for money

Benefits to Corporate Organizations:
   Get access to a wider choice of resources
   Different profiles for different positions available under one roof
   Save a lot of time and money
   Offers a selection ration much higher that other forms of recruitment

Campus hiring solutions from Sattwa Global offers:
   Candidate sourcing from vast geographies
   Multiple tests, screenings, interviews to pick the right candidates
   Validated candidate’s identity and past experiences
   Right choice of candidates to reduce post-appointment training cost
   Quick throughput from screening to offer

Getting to the right skills right on time can deliver results beyond your expectation. Let us know your exact requirements and our experts will present the best plan for your needs. Talk to us right NOW!