Hire,Train & Deploy

“Hire -Train, and Deploy-An End-to-End and Effective hiring Solution from Sattwa Global”

Sattwa Global, in order to meet this expectation of an IT employer, derives a unique Hire, Train and Deploy model that matches the industry demand for quality candidates. Undeniably, your employees will build the competencies attending our program that will add to your organization in many ways.

The employees are the greatest resource of a company. It is not only the sound academics that is required from a candidate but also excellence in his performance.

We present a completely interactive workshop that certainly boosts the confidence levels of the candidates, particularly in terms of work environment and culture. Our workshop is absolutely tailored to bring the transformation in a prospective way while making the candidates “job ready”.

As a part of our ongoing commitments, we strive to provide the best Hire – Train – Deploy model in a cost-effective way to our clients. We specially design the program to meet unique requirements of our clients that requires their staffs to be trained in a specific skill set before they join the company.

Hire the latest talent with latest skills for your immediate and temporary requirement. We deliver qualified people exactly when you need them to accomplish your task in the most efficient manner without any long-term liability towards the recruits.

What does our Hire – Train – Deploy Program involves?
  Screening of candidates
  Ensure candidate has received relevant skills with domain specification
  Ensure good hire rate of our clients
  Meet company specific candidate requirements

We select appropriate candidates from various sources to put them through strict short-listing process and provide relevant training with specific skill sets before presenting to our clients.

Through our effectively channelized process, we guarantee hiring candidates with particular proficiencies and especially ready for new competencies.
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