Workforce Consulting

“Align your business strategies with pragmatic workforce consulting from Sattwa Global”

Workforce consulting services from Sattwa Global takes pride in meeting your requirement and adding value to your company. While you focus on your business, one of our consultants will work closely behind the scene screening the best candidates for you. Our consultancy services will help you create an effective job posting system and recruitment process to fetch the top skills worthy for your organization.

We place emphasis on quality of service with a personal touch. It is our objective to provide a personalized and flexible service based on a thorough understanding of both the client’s and the candidate’s needs. No matter you require a single candidate or a team of professionals for your vacant positions, we make sure to provide a motivated and dedicated workforce to fill the skill shortage and improve the productivity of your organization. We understand, how important it is to respond quickly to workload fluctuations and hence our team of experts are always in a ready-to-go mode once our clients are in for a service from Sattwa Global.

Consulting services offered by Sattwa Global

Specialized testing services for organizations:
We can help you evaluate your employees’ occupational skills, aptitude, achievement levels, and interests to take decision regarding their promotion, retention, or training programs. It saves your time to focus on core business.

Recruitment Events:
If you are looking for the cream of the crop talent to fill your vacant positions, then we just the right people for you offering complete recruitment assistant and services. We plan and execute hiring events that gets you freedom from juggling across hundreds and thousands of job applications.

Customized training of employees:
Be it the new recruitments or the existing employees, if you want your resources to be up to date with latest skills and technology, then leave the job up to us. Our specialized resource training programs will make your employees problem solvers and result-oriented by enhancing their skills and knowledge.

Response Assistance:
There can we workload fluctuations in your organization requiring you to hire or layoff the candidates. Whatever be your requirement, our we will help you give rapid response to the situation without any hassles. Our smooth and efficient process will make it easier for everyone involved.

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